Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School Day in Australia

Leah Rasmussen, Deputy Principal at Carlton School
with Penny, Kesha, Mary
They were incredibly accommodating for their American visitors.

Second Grade small group Math lesson.  They have large but well-managed classes.
The kids all assumed we were from Los Angeles or New York. 
I don't think they had ever heard of Alabama.

Life size chess set at the Carlton School courtyard.  Kids play during recess and lunch.

Kesha and her new Kindy friend Aiden. (Australian term for Kindergartner)

We finished the night off with a visit to a Thai restaurant.
This restaurant has been rated No. 1 in Australia for consecutive four years.
The food was fabulous. We tried a little bit of everything.
L to R: Jonathan, Kesha, Charlie, Art, our Thai waiter, Latryce, Ken, Penny, & Dr. Reames
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