Sunday, March 6, 2011

Measuring Time...and Tuxes

He was so little the first time I put him in a tuxedo.  White blond hair, dark summer tan, startling blue eyes, lopsided grin...five years old.  A speed demon he was.  Always running.  So silly.  Happy... always happy.  Lived for laughter, baseball, and mud.  My baby.  Mama's boy.  Fun, joy, happiness, aggravation, worry, and muddy boots, all rolled into one.  Couldn't wait to be five.  Five was THE magic number.  "Mama, when I'm five, I will be able to run like the wind!"  "Mama, I wanna be Superman when I'm five."  "Mama, do you think I will be taller than daddy when I'm five?" 
And... when he was five, he was the ring bearer in a wedding.  I took him to the store to be fitted for a tuxedo.  He was so excited. And he made a striking picture.  He thought he looked like prince charming...I thought he did too.  He had to wear it to church on Sunday.  A little boy in a man's garb.

Today... twelve years later...he's 6'3", much darker hair, same blue eyes and lopsided grin...seventeen years old.  He towers over everyone in the family...including his dad.  Lives for trucks, baseball, and mud.  Today...he was fitted for a tuxedo...for his first prom.  My baby, Mama's boy...and his girlfriend... met me at the store.  He wasn't quite as excited this time, even rolled his eyes a couple of times.  I know he will make a striking picture.  I know she thinks he will look like prince charming...I think he will too.  I wonder if he will wear it to church on Sunday?  This time he's a young man, in a man's garb... but he will forever be my little boy...


  1. This made me cry. My young man just pulled out of the driveway after church heading to AU and talking about job hunting!! Wow! Can't believe your babies and mine are all grown up!

  2. Thanks Connie, it's sometimes hard to take it all in isn't it? It passes so fast...


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