Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

 Valentine’s Day… is anyone really surprised when they are treated extra special on this day?  Aren’t we honestly expecting it in some form or fashion?  On a day like today, of all days, it is understandable that sweethearts would go all out to surprise the one they love.  And as usual, mine did.  He always does.  This time it was roses… beautiful roses… sweet smelling roses. 
Now if I sound rather indifferent about the whole thing I’m truly not.  I never know what surprise he has planned, but I always know there is one, somehow, somewhere, and of some magnitude.  Only this time…the surprise was not just for me.  Yes, I was surprised with the large bouquet of roses he presented to me at my office this morning.  Yes, I was thrilled that he had taken time out of his busy schedule to visit me, to take me to lunch, to think of me.  He is always so kind and caring, and on many occasions has done such wonderful things to bring joy to my life.
But today, the one thing so touching, so beautiful …that he did, was for someone else… another valentine, another treasure of his heart.  He bought roses for our daughter.  
I have never really understood the father-daughter dynamic.  The reason is much too complicated to explain and will have to be a story for another day, but our daughters… they get it.  I see it through their eyes.  They have captured his heart like no one else.  I feel so blessed to have witnessed this remarkable love which they have for one another.  It does nothing to take away the love he shares with me, but instead only adds to my love for him. 
I know he would move heaven and earth for me… and for them.  They know it too. 
I have always encouraged my girls to look for a man that would treasure them, love them, and protect them like their father does for me.   They deserve nothing less.  He has provided the perfect example of a model husband and helpmate. 
My prayer has always been that each of my children would find the one true soul-mate that God has created just for them.  One has found hers.  And I know… the other will find hers as well, in due time.  But for now… she can be certain of one thing.  She has the heart of her father wrapped around her little finger.

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